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Oh yeah, I have a blog!

Once upon a time, I had this deep enjoyment thing with online journaling or blogging, as some say. Having been a handwritten journal keeper long before I started using LiveJournal in college, I guess I see this mostly as an extension of my personal writing practice, just with a different audience, but I've never loved the "blog" word.. just sounds too much like a gastric issue and not something I'd like to be involved with, but there we have it, that's the word the culture seems to have agreed upon.

I do still write by hand in my paper journal, but less often, and I update LJ at a slower snail's pace, it seems. Using Facebook and Twitter, with their continuous short bursts of information, has become more convenient, but like a fast-food meal gulped on the go, it makes me long for a sit-down, face-to-face, "so how was your day?" conversation with myself that journaling provides. So, here I am again, checking in with the world in long form. Yaay!

The sheer enjoyment I have in my work at Webs is evidenced not only by my "they'll have to chisel it off my face" grin at the end of the day, fingers pampered by handling luxury yarns and amazing fibers, but also by the stream of new patterns and projects that come home with me, tugging at my mental coattails until I relent and sigh and tell myself "what's one more?" yet again. Oh yes, I'm doomed. Happy about it, but no less doomed.

These fledgling projects, steadily increasing in number, have taken over my house. I think I need a new bin to contain them, before my partner forgets what the table looks like completely. They are, at the moment, in tiny heaps all over available out-of-the-way surfaces, needles sticking out from all sides, a sock cuff in the window atop it's center-pull ball of yarn, the first piece of a sweater resting on its pattern book, stacks of center-pull balls waiting for projects, a bag of the same brimming with hanks next to my computer, taunting me. Projects for clients floating on top of all my partially started personal projects, and a desperate need for more organization in less space. Spring cleaning urges could not be more timely.

Despite all the chaos at winter's end, it's been a great season, not too punishing in terms of snow until just this past weekend, but even now as I type this, the sun is out, and the meltwater runs in rivulets over the emerging gravel of the driveway, and the icicles hanging from the sides of the house are weeping.

In these past few months I've taught some wonderful drop spindle spinning classes, made some incredible new yarns, learned how to work cables into my knitting, begun to spin up some of my hand-dyed fibers from this past fall's dye experiments, and finalised a spinning workshop on worsted vs woolen spinning that I'll be teaching at this year's upcoming Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival in May, which I'm really excited about!

Webs has been filming a great series of videos with lots of little tips, tricks and techniques, and they asked me to do a portion on Drop Spindle Spinning, which was a lot of fun.

Check out the Webs Channel on You Tube for more videos in the series, including some great ones on the wildly popular ribbon yarns and how to work with them, since they're all a little different.

In my musical life, kirtan singing and harmonium playing have brought me all over New England with Shubalananda, and outside of yoga studios, the monthly Blues Night is a chance to let it all hang out. It's a great blessing to love what I do on so many levels, and I'm thankful for each day, still hungry to learn all I can and pass it forward to anyone who cares to ask. Whether it's as a yogi or a yarn nerd, I gain the most pleasure in my life right now from seeing someone else's eyes light up when they have an Ah-Ha! moment with the drop spindle, or sharing a deep moment in singing kirtan, those human connections forged in a moment of mutual understanding.

Things aren't ever going to turn out the way we expect. It's how we roll with it (or not) that teaches us who we are, how we behave when the chips are down that reveals the work we still need to do. Kindness is never optional, no matter what is happening.



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