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New spindles galore..

Loving my world of fiber, even while I stay home sick. It's nice to get up from a nap, eat some nice hot soup and sit down behind my spinning wheel for a while.

My family lavished me with 2 new spindles this holiday season, and of course, they're already slowly filling with fiber.

First, the amazing Golding Rudraksha Ring Spindle, made with enough of my interests mashed together that it might as well have been my ultimate dream spindle.

Made with birds' eye maple, rudraksha beads from India strung on silver around the edge, and the inset is Tibetan silver and turquoise, and slowly filling with natural colored cashmere fiber as I spin merrily away.

This spindle caught my eye at Rhinebeck this past year, and my mom nabbed it for me when I wasn't looking, along with some fiber that almost matches the colors of the wood in the spindle itself!

It's a Hearthwise low-whorl spindle, made with maple, purpleheart and osage orange wood in a unique whorlless teardrop shape that can move between regular drop spindle and supported spinning styles. The fiber is superwash merino wool, hand-dyed by Bitsy Knits.

My most recently finished wheel project centered around hand-dyed blended Cormo wool and Angora fiber, which was spun into a fine single and plied with an even finer natural light-colored Cormo wool. Here's the bobbin full of singles:

The finished yarn, plied and set in all it's lofty mottled green glory:

Once this yarn is knit up, the finishing of the fabric will encourage more of the angora fiber to present itself at the surface, producing the lovely soft halo that angora is prized for.

Now to make myself some more tea...



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