aurora4242 (aurora4242) wrote,

Deja Brew Spinning Night in Wendell, MA October 5, 7-10 pm

In celebration of National Spinning and Weaving Week (October 3-9, 2011), and the weekly Wednesday Craft Night at the hidden treasure of Wendell, the Deja Brew Cafe and Pub, I will be hosting a Spinning Night there on October 5 from 7-10pm.

Bring your spindle or wheel, your fiber or yarn questions and spin in community! I'll be on hand for a Q&A, spinning instruction and raffling off a special Artemisia Ink Studio Arts door prize at 9! The event is free, but donations will be gratefully accepted.

During that same week, Webs will be hosting tons of exciting spinning events, and I'll be there until 9 on Tuesday night for a special spinning event, with workshops and events at the store throughout the week, come on out and join us!


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