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Spring plantings and simple joys..

My sister gave me this wonderful ceramic turtle for Xmas this past year, and he's found a home in my garden bed, peering out at the chickens as they roam the yard looking for tasty things to eat. They bring me smiles as I watch them, and they come over often to investigate what I'm doing, hoping for handouts.

This afternoon I was able to transplant the new arugula sprouts out of their starter tray and into the garden bed by the door, and get another set of seeds into the open spots in the tray. Once the sprouts are large enough to plant, they'll go into the garden, and I'll have a fresh supply of new plants as I pick the grown ones for salads.

Many yarn projects in the works as I get ready to vend my handspun yarns at the Fleece Market during Webs' annual Tent Sale on Saturday, May 14th. The past few weeks I've been plying finished singles, bringing all the yarns out and repricing them, setting and tagging finished yarns and making new art batts of spinning fiber for other handspinners. Looking forward to a crazy day, and I'm glad I'll have some help manning my booth. Come out if you can, peruse the past few years' worth of my spinning and say hi!

Knitting projects are sort of in limbo, though I do pick one or another up and make a bit of progress from time to time. The angora/wool socks I'm working on two-at-a-time for my mom have just passed the heel turn, and the Blue Moon Drucilla socks have passed the first sock and made it a few inches into the cuff of the second sock.

I've enjoyed trying out the new Blackthorn double-pointed needles made of carbon fiber, and I'm pleased to report that the strange scrapy noise they make at first goes away, and as they absorb the oils of one's hands, they get smoother. I like not having to worry about bending my needles, and they're really lightweight.

More later.

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