September 28th, 2011

Mary Spinning

More dye results, and new handspun yarns up on Etsy!

Enjoying the continuing home dyeing experiments, this time around using Blue Face Leicester wool instead of Merino, which is more lustrous and reflects the light differently, giving slightly different color results.

From top to bottom, the braids were dyed with purple basil, which yielded a light lavender color, in the middle braid the dye pot contained zinnias, marigold, dahlia and goldenrod, which gave a deep golden yellow, and the bottom braid in the photo was dyed with both purple basil and marigolds, and I love the brilliant yellow that came out in this one.

I experimented with a recipe for dyeing with pokeberry and vinegar, and it's drying out on my rack as I write this.

Looking forward to next week's spinning events, there's so much going on! Tuesday night Webs will be open until 9 for a Spinning Open House, there will be lots of in store events, and I'll be teaching a Drafting Workshop for spinners on Thursday for just $5.. come on in and join us!

I'm also looking forward to Wednesday night's Deja Brew Spinning Night.. if you're in Western MA, come on out!